Why is there a high demand for 2 BHK flats in Kharar?

The demand for 2 BHK flats in Kharar’s booming real estate market has increased significantly in recent years. For some strong reasons, purchasers have become increasingly attracted to these homes, which has made Kharar a popular destination for reasonably priced and cozy living.


2 Bhk is better if you’re starting a family


Many young families looking to relocate to an urban area are drawn to Kharar, which is situated near Chandigarh and Mohali. The booming IT sector in Mohali attracts numerous young professionals to the region. Kharar offers spacious housing options suitable for families as well as affordable choices for those planning to start a family.


With India embracing the nuclear family culture, where both men and women are working professionals, maintaining a large property becomes challenging. Therefore, the town provides a practical and cost-effective solution for individuals looking to establish or expand their families, offering 2 BHK apartments that provide ample space for growing families.


Growing Nuclear Families


The demand for 2 BHK apartments is witnessing a strong increase, closely linked to the rapid increase in nuclear families across India. As of 2008, data reveals that nearly 50% of all households in the country are now nuclear, and this trend continues to rise With approximately 69% of homes being nuclear, the Southern region is seeing the most visible change in its population. Similarly, in the Northern and Eastern regions, nuclear families constitute 38% and 45% of households, respectively, as of 2022.


In the real estate market, the preference for nuclear families is changing, particularly in metropolitan regions where space efficiency and cost are critical. 2 BHK apartments are increasingly favored by young couples and small families due to their practical layout, offering separate living and sleeping spaces at a reasonable cost compared to larger homes.


Technological advancements and changing socio-economic dynamics. With a higher proportion of dual-income households and a preference for modern amenities, the demand for 2 BHKs continues to grow. 


2 BHK Flats Are A Practical Option for Your Portfolio


Investing in a 2 BHK flat in Kharar is more than just securing a residence; it’s a strategic enhancement to your investment portfolio. These flats offer an optimal blend of space, affordability, and modern amenities, fulfilling immediate living needs while aligning seamlessly with long-term financial goals.


Real estate investment in India is rapidly growing, offering substantial potential for capital appreciation and rental income. Compared to traditional investments like fixed deposits, which typically yield returns ranging from 5% to 8% annually, Real estate investments can deliver higher returns, often between 8% to 12%. This happens because property values go up over time, influenced by factors like location and market trends.


In Kharar, the re-sale value of 2 BHK flats remains increased and buoyed by ongoing development and increasing demand. This makes them not only a practical choice for a living but also a profitable asset for wealth accumulation. Investors seeking to diversify their portfolio and achieve superior returns beyond conventional options find real estate investments particularly compelling.




The high demand for 2 BHK flats in Kharar is driven by their affordability, suitability for families, practicality, resale value, and strong investment potential. Whether you’re a prospective homeowner or an investor, exploring the range of 2 BHK flats available in Kharar presents an opportunity to secure not only a comfortable living space but also a promising financial asset. At OM Divine, We take great pride in being able to fulfill your real estate ambitions. over 16 years of expertise in developing Residential and Commercial projects across the Tri-City area. Known for our commitment to impeccable execution and on-time delivery, each project we undertake reflects our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Discover the diverse offerings of 2 BHK living in Kharar today with OM Divine. 

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